My experience at Tohoku University 東北大学で学んだこと

Studying abroad is an enriching and life-changing experience that only some have the opportunity to pursue. Many students dream of studying in a foreign country, but the financial burden often makes this goal seem unattainable. That's where sponsorship for studying abroad can come in and make a huge difference – like it did for me.

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Tohoku University, which made my study abroad experience possible. Without its generous support, I would not have been able to fulfil my dream of studying in Japan, immersing myself in a new culture, and broadening my horizons. Furthermore, its investment in my education contributed to my personal growth and will continue to contribute to my future professional endeavours. I am immensely grateful. 



まず第一に、私の留学を可能にしてくれた東北大学に感謝の意を表したいと思います。東北大学の手厚いサポートがなければ、日本で勉強し、新しい文化を吸収し、視野を広げるという私の夢を叶えることはできなかったでしょ う。その支援が私の成長を促し、そして将来の仕事への取り組みにも貢献してくれます。心から感謝しています。

I chose Tohoku University for various reasons. Firstly, studying abroad was a dream of a lifetime. Only a few people in Ukraine go abroad to study, so I never had much hope that I would have the opportunity. Therefore, when I found out that Tohoku University was providing funding for Ukrainian students, I did not need to think twice before applying. Secondly, the city of Sendai attracted me with its calm ambience. It is a great place to live, whether you are a student or a working adult.

During my stay in Sendai, I had the chance to immerse myself in the local culture. Trying traditional Japanese food like butter ramen and takoyaki left a lasting impression on me. I will miss Japanese cuisine a lot. My friends and I also enjoyed the New Year’s celebration at the local shrine. I had never seen something so majestic and vibrant. When praying, I wished for peace for my country and everyone worldwide. Later, when exploring the city, I always liked to stop at shrines to recharge my energy in those holy places. 




Studying in Japan taught me so much about myself and the world around me. It helped me develop a global perspective, enhance my language skills (both English and Japanese), and deepen my appreciation for cultural differences. Through this experience, I learned to be more adaptable, independent, and resilient, skills that will benefit me in all aspects of my life. My university friends and I went through many different things together. We helped each other, studied together, and made a lot of good memories. 

The classes I took were exciting and have inspired me to get a master’s degree in education in the future. Professor Jing Lui’s class, ‘Introduction to International Education and Development’ was particularly influential. I wish I could take a class like that on an even deeper level in Ukraine! 



私が受けた授業は刺激的で、将来は教育学の修士号を取得したいと思うようになりました。特にJing Lui教授の「Introduction to International Education and Development(国際教育と開発入門)」の授業は私に影響を与えました。ウクライナでも、あのような、さらに深いレベルの授業を受けることができたらと思います。

Another meaningful class was ‘Advanced Global Seminar’, with lectures by Professor Yuki Watabe and Professor Yumiko Watanabe. This class was not only interactive and exciting, but it also covered many essential topics. We had total freedom to choose our topics when making presentations. Our first topic for a group presentation was ‘The usage of plastic in Japan’. Working with my classmates was great; they were all friendly and responsible. We also had the chance to attend a two-day workshop, where we had to present. There were also exciting activities, and I bonded a lot with my friends.

Another Ukrainian student, Margaryta-san, became my friend, and we opened a Ukrainian global café, where we talked about Ukrainian culture with our international friends.


また、渡部由紀先生と渡邉由美子先生の講義による「Advanced Global Seminar(グローバルセミナー特論)」も有意義な授業でした。この授業は、インタラクティブで活気あるだけでなく、本質的なトピックを数多く取り上げていました。また、プレゼンテーションのテーマを自由に決めることができました。グループプレゼンテーションの最初のテーマは、「日本におけるプラスチックの使用状況」でした。クラスメイトは皆フレンドリーで責任感が強く、一緒に勉強をするのはとても楽しいことでした。また、2 日間のワークショップに参加する機会もあり、そこでプレゼンテーションをすることになりました。また、ワクワクするアクティビティもあり、友人たちと多くの絆を深めることができました。


Studying abroad allowed me to build meaningful relationships with people from all over the world. The friendships and connections I made will last a lifetime, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have met such incredible individuals. Studying at Tohoku University also taught me an important lesson – we all have our differences, but that is not an obstacle to making friends. In my program, we all came from different cultural backgrounds, but I had never felt such a strong sense of unity and group spirit as I felt with IPLA students and Japanese IPLA leaders.


海外留学では、世界中の人々と有意義な関係を築くことができました。このような繋がりと友情は一生続くものと思いますし、このような素晴らしい人たちと出会えたことに感謝しています。東北大学で勉強したことは、私に重要な教訓を与えてくれました。それは、私たちには皆、違い がありますが、その違いは友達を作るための障害にはならないということです。 私のプログラムでは、全員が異なる文化的背景を持っていましたが、IPLA 学生や、日本人のIPLAサポートリーダーたちと感じた一体感やグループ精神は、これまでで一番強いものでした。

Finally, I am grateful for the ways I grew personally through my study abroad journey. This experience challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, take risks, and be more confident in myself and my abilities. It also helped me to identify my values, priorities, and goals and has given me the motivation and inspiration to pursue them. Thanks to my classes, I realized that I want to pursue a career in education.

In conclusion, I am grateful for Tohoku University’s sponsorship. It made my study abroad experience possible. This life-changing journey enriched my life in many ways. For now, as a student, and in the future as a teacher, I will carry the lessons I have learned and the memories I have made for the rest of my life, applying and sharing them within the Ukrainian education system. I fully believe that I will come to Japan again. Its culture, people, and spirit are unforgettable. 



私は東北大学からの支援に感謝しています。そのおかげで私の留学は実現できました。この旅は、私の人生を変え、さまざまな形で私を豊かにしてくれました。今は学生として、そして将来は教師として、学んだ教訓と思い出を一生持ち続け、ウクライナの教育システムの中に取り込み、 共有していくつもりです。私はまた日本に来るのだと信じています。日本の文化、日本の人々、そして日本の精神を忘れることはできません。





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